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1. The term ____ to describe the amount of goods and services ____ in a country for each person in one year is per capita GNP.
2. Per capita GNP is just a rough way of ____ the ability of different countries ____ goods and services, ____ into account the fact that they have different populations.
3. Can the rich live for ever, ____ to their affairs?
4. Peace and stability cannot be achieved unless progress is made toward ____ solutions to the world's most ____ problems, including poverty.
5. The children made this mess, so see that they get it ____ up right away.
6. It is no use____ over____ milk.
7. I'm sorry I didn't mean ____ you.
8. She tried ____ high heels, to make herself ____ taller .
9. I think you'd better ____ by the time they return.
10. I prefer my meat well ____.


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