Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 474

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1. The main idea behind ____ a lot of buildings is ____ new office blocks.
2. Excuse me. Would you mind ____? It makes it impossible for me to enjoy my meal.
3. ____ a horseshoe on the door is supposed ____ good luck.
4. I'd intended ____ on you, but was prevented from____ so.
5. He knows enough English and German to make himself ____ and ____ other people.
6. I'm not accustomed to ____ in that way.
7. Don't let yourself ____ by your failure.
8. He wanted nothing except ____ in peace.
9. Was she very upset at not ____ the job?
10. What makes me ____ all the time, stuffs up my nose, and makes my eyes ____?


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