Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 391

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1. A: Is he going to have his operation this month?
B: Well, he ____ have had it this month, but now he is going to have it next month.
2. A: ____ Barcelona ____ Real Madrid last night?
B: Yes, it could. It has got more skillful players.
3. I can't find my keys. I have a feeling I ____ them in the library.
4. My car has been making a strange noise lately. I ____ it to the garage and get it seen to.
5. Joan suggested that they ____ all go for a walk in the afternoon - provided it didn't keep on raining.
6. You say I ____ a screwdriver. What ____ I ____?
7. He was so unsure of himself that he ____ even buy a box of chocolates without consulting his mother.
8. Before his illness he ____ anything but now he ____ very careful with his diet.
9. Powerful though they were, they never ____ to challenge the authority of the King.
10. If those two people ____ leave, the Whole firm would probably collapse.


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