Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 390

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1. I ____ very hard but I do now.
2. George King ___ filter-tipped cigarettes, but now he smokes cigars.
3. "It isn't necessary for us to leave soon." means: ____.
4. A: I went out last night, and my cold got worse.
B: You ____ at home.
5. A: The Chinese described flying machines.
B: They ____ tremendous imaginations.
6. A: Do you think they'll have my size?
B: They ____ have your size.
7. If you worked in industry, you ____ the value of money.
8. His life ____ if he had worn his seat belt.
9. I ____ go out than be stuck in bed.
10. I ____ to learn English fluently.


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