Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 385

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1. The lights have gone out. ____.
2. I ____ to the butcher's on the way home, but I forgot.
3. She ____ about the time. Her friends were also late.
4. The plane ____ already-it's not due to go until 9.55.
5. A: Is it Sunday? All the shops are closed.
B: Well, if all the shops are closed, it ____ Sunday.
6. A: You bought the tickets, didn't you?
B: No. I ____, but I didn't have enough money.
7. The boy ____ walk again soon after he had had an operation.
8. He was crying just a moment ago. He ____ singing already.
9. George is reading a Spanish newspaper. He ____ Spanish.
10. No wonder you always look pale. You ____ get more fresh air.


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