Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 380

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1. You ____ do it now. You can do it this afternoon.
2. His illness got worse and worse. In the end he ____ go into hospital for an operation.
3. You ____ any more aspirins, you’ve had four already.
4. I've searched everywhere for Bob but I ____ to find him.
5. A: Mrs. Taylor was found dead with a wire around her neck.
B: She ____ strangled.
6. You ____ spanked her. She didn't deserve it.
7. A: I wonder who took my alarm clock.
B: It ____ Julia. She ____ supposed to get up early.
8. In a hundred years' time we ____ out of water to drink.
9. If you'd explained your problem to me, I ____ to help you.
10. Joe ran all the way. It wasn't necessary. Joe ____ run all the way.


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