Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 378

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1. Jack is preparing for his exams. We ____.
2. A: ____?
B: I'm going to study in the library.
3. A: I've got a cold.
B: Then you'd ____ stay in bed.
4. A: I've got a headache.
B: You ____ take an aspirin.
5. I ____ like jazz when I was a teenager. now she ____ do it in 2 minutes 20.
6. A: ____?
B: Yes, they do.
7. A: Were they playing tennis?
B: No, they ____.
8. Mother is still in bed, and ____ my sister.
9. My brother was very hungry, I ____too.
10. We live in a small flat, and they do, ____.


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