Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 372

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1. Sorry, this ____ be my bag. Mine is brown.
2. I ____ not have time to phone you this evening.
3. He probably ____ be back in time for dinner.
4. Take a sweater with you. It____ get cold later.
5. A: She can't sing.
B: Neither____.
6. It's very cold. You ____ to put a sweater on.
7. A: Will the director be back in the office today?
B: He said he ____ be, but he wasn't sure.
8. A: Is this a 24 bus coming?
B: It__ be. I can't see the number yet.
9. A: ____.
B: I'm sorry, but I haven't got my car.
10. A: ____.
B: Yes, please. Can I give you the money now?


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