Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 364

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1. Please be quiet so that ____.
2. Mike decided to become an anthropologist ____.
3. "Having seen that film before, she wants to see a different one." means: ____
4. "Having worked all day, I was tired last night." means: ____.
5. "I got to the airport at 9.15. My plane left ten minutes later." means: ____.
6. Since he's not interested in classical music, he ____.
7. ____ the semester is finished, I'm going to rest a few days and then take a trip.
8. This is ____ book that I don't think I'll finish it.
9. I can't repair the dishwasher myself ____.
10. I've gained ____ weight that I can't wear any of my old clothes.


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