Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 363

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1. ____ I apologized, he looked as if he wanted to strangle me.
2. The government puts up taxes ____ get more money from us.
3. I wrote down the address ____ I wouldn't forget it.
4. Roy talks ____ nonsense that no one listens to him any more.
5. She doesn't mind working overtime ____ she's paid for it.
6. We have to do the job ____ we like it or not.
7. I did my homework ____ our teacher had instructed.
8. I'll give you my telephone number ____ you want to get in touch with me again.
9. I obeyed her ____ she should be angry.
10. Please turn down the TV. I want to be able to get to sleep. Please turn down the TV so that ____.


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