Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 362

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1. It was cold, ____ we went on a picnic.
2. ____ he had a broken leg, he continued to go to class.
3. Some people are fat, ____ others are thin.
4. ____ some students think physics is easy, others find it difficult.
5. Do you want to walk? The rain has stopped. ____ the rain's stopped, do you want to walk?
6. ____ it's raining, I think I'll stay at home.
7. ____ Monday is a national holiday, all government offices will be closed.
8. I'll eat lunch with you ____ there is enough for both of us.
9. We'll get along just fine ____ he minds his own business.
10. Apparently Betty is jealous ____ I get better grades than she does.


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