Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 360

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1. They tiptoed up the stairs ____ wake the children.
2. We won't go unless the weather ____ fine.
3. I was on vacation ____, I didn’t get your letter.
4. Dr. King gives interesting lectures ____, he is very popular with his students.
5. Robert didn't study for the test ____ he did very veil.
6. James wants to buy a new car, ____ he doesn't have enough money.
7. He found everything rather strange, as he ____ abroad before.
8. ____ coal reserves are abundant, taking advantage of them requires an active program of development.
9. ____ the price of petrol is so high, I can't afford to run a car any more.
10. ____ the bans remained in force, Turkey could not claim to be fully democratic.


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