Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 359

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1. He wanted to go with us, ____ he packed his suitcase.
2. It is late, ____, it is raining cats and dogs.
3. I didn't have enough time, ____, I couldn't go.
4. She's been working for eight hours, ____, she is tired.
5. I'll finish this. Then I'll join you. When I ____ this, I'll join you.
6. She dressed the child in a heavy overcoat, ____ he should catch cold.
7. I've written it down for her, ____ she forgets it.
8. I will go home for vacation as soon as I ____ my exams.
9. When she arrived, I was pretty fed up, because I ____ since eight o'clock.
10. We left early ____ avoid the traffic.


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