Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 356

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1. Hydrogen is an element ____ atomic number is 1 and ____ atomic weight is 1.008.
2. Neron, ____ was Emperor of Rome, from 45 to 68 A.D, is believed to have murdered both his mother and his wife.
3. Marlon Brando, ____, is a friend of my fathers.
4. The problem was with the battery ____ a dead cell.
5. There were fifty questions on the test, ____.
6. I'm looking for something with ____ I can clean the board.
7. Gentlemen, from ____ we expect politeness, ought not to lose their tempers.
8. Your information, for ____ I'm grateful, is very helpful.
9. Men ____ work is good receive high wages.
10. He did his medical training at a hospital ____.


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