Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 354

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1. I wish we ____ late for this film. I can't follow the story.
2. She wishes she ____ younger than she is.
3. A: Janet couldn't come to the concert last night.
B: I wish she ____ .
4. I couldn't get through the traffic in time. I wish I ____ through the traffic in time.
5. My father wasn't able to pay the money back. I wish my father ____ the money back.
6. It is a pity you drink too much. If only you ____ so much.
7. It is a pity that we rejected their proposal. If only we ____ their proposal.
8. A: I must go home now.
B: I wish you ____ home now.
9. A: Don't you have enough time to learn English?
B: No, I don't. I wish I ____ time to learn English.
10. The bus always stops at every bus-stop. I wish it ____ at every bus-stop.


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