Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 345

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1. Mr. Taylor asked if ____ letters addressed in care of ____ office.
2. The doctor says, "The moisture in the air might affect your breathing." He thinks that the moisture in the air _____.
3. "I'd love to come." she said. She said _____ to come.
4. "Which of these films have you seen?" My friend asked me which of the films _____.
5. "Whom did you see at the concert last night?" She asked us whom _____ the other night.
6. They asked, "Is the work going to be easy?" They wondered if ____.
7. He asked "Have you read The old Man and the Sea, Ted?" He wanted to know if _____ The old Man and the Sea.
8. "Please give me a pain killer." the patient said. The patient begged the nurse _____ a pain killer.
9. "Don't eat those cherries, they are poisonous," said David. David _____ not to eat those cherries because they were poisonous.
10. "Did she agree with me?" He wondered if _____.


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