Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 334

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1. I can't imagine how ____ the children.
2. Janet said that she was hungry. Janet said, "____"
3. Mike says his father is ill. Mike says, "____"
4. We said that we were leaving on Saturday. We said, "____"
5. The secretary told me that Mr. Rich had gone out. The secretary told me, "____"
6. Bill said he didn't like to study. Bill said, "____"
7. The old lady said she wasn't feeling well. The old lady said, "____"
8. Carol said that she would see me the next day. Carol said, "____"
9. You told me that you would be careful. You said to me, "____"
10. He asked me what I was reading. "____?" he asked me.


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