Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 322

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1. We ____ at the Italian restaurant last night, but it was full, so we ate somewhere else.
2. The door ____ unless you ____.
3. His parents ____ married for eight years when he was born.
4. By April 2010, he ____ for this organization for fifteen years.
5. He ____ from the company for several years before they found him out.
6. He ____ a cold for the last three days.
7. The Prime Minister refuses to enter into negotiations with the railway men until they ____ all ____ to work.
8. In the years ahead, it seems likely that people ____ even greater control over nature.
9. You ____ pleased to hear that your father____ to the committee.
10. Hardly ____ I____ the phone down when it started ringing again.


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