Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 321

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1. Take an umbrella with you in case it ____.
2. She ought to pass her exams so long as she ____.
3. His hopes of making a fortune ____ when his factory burned down.
4. When eleven o'clock came and he still ____, I began to wonder if he ____ an accident.
5. Some patients shout in pain while ____ an injection.
6. For various reasons, clothing of some type ____ by human beings since the beginning of time.
7. Considering the weather is so uncertain, the reception ____ indoors.
8. In most non-western countries punishment____ as a deterrent.
9. If we compare the mass of hydrogen in a star with the rate at which energy ____, we can estimate its potential life.
10. It has been predicted that within the next 50 years, scientists ____ a drug to prolong life up to 150 years or more.


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