Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 320

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1. Radio waves ____ by the ionosphere. This makes it possible ____ short-wave radio signals over great distances.
2. Plans to develop cars on methanol are likely ____ in the future.
3. There is no bread left because we ____ it all.
4. Little ____ she realize that the evening was ____ out very differently.
5. It is highly probable that more and more solar energy ____ in the future.
6. There isn't any more chalk, it ____ all ____.
7. You can stop looking for his watch. He ____ just ____ it.
8. Don't ask me what cauliflower tastes like. I ____ eating it.
9. I bought another concert ticket in case you ____ to come with me.
10. We'll close all the windows in case it ____ while we are out.


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