Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 318  

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1. The authorities will make him pay all his debts. He ____ pay all his debts.
2. She's spring-cleaning the house from bottom to top. The house ____ from top to bottom.
3. The last days of the holiday ____ by rain.
4. They have used up all the petrol in the tank. All the petrol in the tank ____ up.
5. I expect the police will find him. I expect he ____ by the police.
6. People don't bring up children properly these days. Children ____ properly these days.
7. They ____ the traffic problem when the plans for the project ____ made last year.
8. Because of the patient's health, ____.
9. They hadn't done any damage to it. No damage ____ to it.
10. "They say he robbed the bank." means: ____.


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