Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 312

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1. Since I last met him he ____.
2. They quarreled last week. They ____ to each other since.
3. I ____ much of the film because I fell asleep half-way through.
4. There is nothing we can do that ____ people from driving too fast.
5. I didn't answer the phone when it ____ because I ____ a shower, so I ____ it until it was too late.
6. Last night I ____ you, but the phone was out of order.
7. She wants us to meet at the cafeteria, but I'd rather we ____ here.
8. We met at the cafeteria as she wanted. I'd rather we ____ here.
9. It is likely that by the time you ____ to the shop it ____ shut.
10. ____ you ever ____ of him? He is a world-famous violinist.


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