Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 311

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1. Please ____ until after the plane ____.
2. It is the first time I ____ of anything like that.
3. You're always late. This is the third time you ____ late this week.
4. It was the first time she ____ ever ____ a prize.
5. He ____ about to give up his job when they offered him a rise.
6. Yesterday while I ____ in class I ____ the hiccups. The boy next to me told me ____ my breath.
7. Hello! I ____ to phone you all week. Where ____?
8. It is time we ____ goodbye to each other. The train is due to leave in a minute.
9. I think you should apologize when you____ her.
10. His clothes are in a mess because he ____ the house all morning.


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