Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 310

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1. By 5.30 this afternoon, Tom ____ at work for eight hours.
2. She ____ unwell for several days when she was taken to hospital.
3. During this year we ____ many advances in computer science.
4. Our maths teacher ____ us a lot of homework last week but he ____ us very much so far this week.
5. It is expected that man ____ on several planets by the end of this century.
6. A: I'm going to the pop concert. ____with me?
B: Thank you very much. I'd love to.
7. It rained! I didn't think it ____.
8. I ____ to see you tomorrow, but now I find I can't.
9. He found everything rather strange as he ____ never ____ abroad before.
10. I ____ you know as soon as the telegram ____.


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