Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 305

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1. The first pyramids of Egypt ______ around 3000 BC.
2. Walt Disney ______ the cartoon character Mickey Mouse.
3. This problem ______ at the last meeting.
4. A: Who does the ironing in your family?
B: It_____ by grandmother.
5. A: Are they _____ down that old house?
B: Yes, it is being pulled down.
6. A: ______ they sell their car ?
B: Yes, their car will be sold.
7. A: Who is going to clean the office?
B: ______.
8. A: ______?
B: Tomorrow.
9. A: Water the plants, please.
B: ______.
10. A man ______ by the police last night.


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