Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 3

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1. We went for a walk after we finished ____ up the kitchen. It was a beautiful afternoon, anyway.
2. John has decided ____ at home during summer holidays. He's going to paint his room.
3. Sometimes, students avoid ____ at the teacher if they don't want to anwer a question.
4. X: I'm getting tired. I need ____ a break. Are you coming?
Y: Nah, thanks. I've just started to work. Go ahead, I'll let the boss know if he asks.
5. As the storm approached, the birds quit ____ altogether. A large number of them fled to a brighter area, looking for safety.
6. It was a beautiful day in spring. Our daughter was lying under a tree, ____ to the birds sing.
7. When Hilda walked into the kitchen, she found her children ____ some candy that she told them to not to. She wanted to get angry but her children's cute faces didn't allow her to.
8. Before Rina went away to college, her mother reminded her ____ her at least once a week. She couldn't stand seeing her daughter leave but she had to.
9. Mrs. Jackson had warned her young son not ____ the hot pot, but curiosity got the better of him. He touched the hot pot when she wasn't looking and ended burning his finger.
10. X: What do you remember ____ when you were a child?
Y: Well, a lot actually, but most of them ended up with my mom getting really angry.


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