Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 29

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1. I bought a new computer last week, but it ____ so I took it back to the shop.
2. I tried to find you before school today. ____
3. My math teacher wasn't happy yesterday. I ____ to bring my calculator to class.
4. Have you seen my pencil? It was here a minute ago and now ____.
5. I ..... to the cinema since I came to Germany.
6. I like your watch. How long ____ it?
7. Have you ever ridden a horse? - No, but I ____ a camel when I visited Egypt last year.
8. My big sister ____ a baby. She's going to call it Yoshi.
9. I went to the school dance last Friday, but I ____ it very much
10. I ____ very well last night. There was loud music coming from a house down the road.


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