Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 28

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1. I ____ to the theater many times when I lived in London.
2. Where's my calculator? I put it on the desk a minute ago and now ____ !
3. My father ____ in a bank for 10 years, then he became a computer programmer.
4. My father ____ at his bank for 10 years. He really likes his job.
5. My grandfather died 10 years before I was born, so I ____ him.
6. I'm very hungry. It's 11.30 and I ____ anything yet today.
7. ____ the football match on TV last night?
8. Last week was very wet, but it ____ once yet this week.
9. ____ a new computer. Do you want to see it?
10. ____ my dictionary. Have you seen it?


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