Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 273

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1. It's ____ low season now, and ____ most of____ hotels are half empty.
2. ____ great improvement in ____ patient's condition was brought about by ____ use of ____ newly developed antibiotic.
3. ____ abnormal behavior can be caused by ____ fear, but there are ____ other causes as well.
4. Only doctors and nurses can go into the Intensive Care Unit. ____ is allowed inside.
5. You looked ____ this morning but you look a bit____ now.
6. The teacher looks ____.
7. The teacher is looking ____.
8. The soup tastes ____.
9. I tasted the soup ____.
10. Poor people from rural areas are migrating to the cities to find work and ____ the circles of slum housing in many suburbs are growing larger.


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