Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 270

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1. "There was a lot of traffic. The bus took half an hour to get from 5th Avenue to Broadway." means: ____.
2. She went ____ a sheet when she heard the news.
3. The ____ the problem ____ it is to find a solution.
4. ____ we leave, ____ we'll arrive.
5. The car went____ and ____ down the hill.
6. Although we hear about terrible air crashes, flying is still the ____ way to travel. It is much ____ than walking down the road!
7. A Volvo is expensive. A Mercedes is very much more expensive, but a Rolls Royce is ____.
8. I backed three horses. Night Star ran ____ . The Sun ran ____ and Wind ran the____.
9. He has ____ Rolls Royce and ____ Audi 7 and ____ MG.
10. His father is ____ architect, quite ____ expert.


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