Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 269

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1. The young man struck his boss and____ killed him.
2. Every child reacts ____ ____.
3. He stood up slowly and ____.
4. A: I'm afraid we can expect ____ temperatures over the holiday.
B: I'm ____ sorry about it.
5. I thought____ of the idea.
6. The supper looked ____.
7. It's ____ to use and ____ to carry than other computers.
8. Yesterday the temperature was 20 degrees below zero. It hasn't been so cold this year. Yesterday was ____ day of the year.
9. The Taylors have three sons. They are all clever, but Bill is outstanding. He is ____ of all.
10. There were ____ people in the queue that it was impossible to get on the bus.


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