Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 266

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1. ____ solved that problem must be very smart.
2. We haven't enjoyed ____ so much for years.
3. Have you heard about Sally? She killed____.
4. Her children are too young to look after____.
5. That is a beautiful dress you're wearing. Did you make it____?
6. Many lakes and rivers are being ____ polluted.
7. Vitamins are produced synthetically in large quantities. This has made them ____ and ____ available to most of the population.
8. Several new dams are being constructed. This will help to control floods and provide water for____.
9. A problem of fundamental ____ for the developing countries is that of slowing down population growth.
10. "The Alfa River is 100 km long. The Beta River is 200 km long." means: The Beta River is ____ the Alfa River.


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