Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 26

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1. You'd better go to bed early tonight. The plane ____ at 6 o'clock tomorrow morning so we'll have to be up by 4.30!
2. My father ____ too much!
3. You should see the new Brad Pitt film. He plays the part of a cowboy who ____ up a lawless town.
4. Woo-Jin and I ____ basketball after school today. Do you want to play too?
5. Oil ____ on water.
6. Why ____ ? You should be listening to me!
7. What ____ next weekend, Yoshi?
8. Jane: Do you play the piano?
Mary: No, I ____ any musical instrument!
9. Money ____ on trees!
10. You ____ into things and breaking them. How can anyone be so clumsy?


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