Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 246

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1. Half of the salad ____ yours.
2. "That coat is expensive, isn't it?" "Yes, it costs ____ ."
3. A: Let's have lunch at the Sultan Restaurant.
B: I can't. I didn't bring ____ money today.
4. A: Would you like some coffee?
B: Yes please, but just ____ .
5. A: Whose house is that?
B: It's ____ .
6. Would you like ____ of this cake?
7. The boy has a knife. Don't let him cut ____ .
8. A: Do you read a lot?
B: Yes, I read ____ books every year.
9. A: What is the matter with the baby?
B: She is ____ hungry.
10. My niece can't find her umbrella. Is this blue one ____ ?


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