Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 232

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1. I had a crash this morning. Fortunately, I didn't do much damage ____ my car.
2. 'Where's Peter?'
'He's ____ on holiday.'
3. Where have you ____? You're so brown!
4. 'Are you going to the shops this afternoon?'
'No, I've already ____ . I went this morning.'
5. 'Can I speak to Jenny, please?'
'I'm afraid she's ____ to lunch. Can I take a message?'
6. I've never ____ to Australia, but I'd like to go.
7. 'When's your holiday?'
'We've already ____. We went to France.'
8. 'Didn't you know? He's ____ to another company.'
9. The Prime Minister of Italy ____ .
10. A new prime minister ____.


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