Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 220

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1. My sister's a teacher _____ me.
2. 'We had a new teacher today called Mary.'
'What was she _____?'
3. Who do I look _____ , my mother or my father?
4. She really annoys me. I can't stand people _____ her.
5. I'll see you tomorrow at 11.00 _____ usual.
6. It's July and the weather's awful! It's _____ in winter!
7. I need to buy all sorts of things _____ socks, shirts and knickers.
8. My wife has found a job _____ a personal assistant.
9. Dave drinks _____ a fish! I've never seen anyone drink as much.
10. My brother has a car _____ yours.


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