Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 219

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1. "Where do you want to go on holiday?"
"_____ hot. I don't care if it's Greece, Spain, Italy or Sahara, but it has to be hot."
2. I'm really looking forward to _____ my new course.
3. They can't help us _____ the house.
4. She refused _____ the phone.
5. I don't mind _____ to the restaurant.
6. We encouraged them _____ a new business.
7. His parents don't allow him _____ after ten o'clock.
8. I'll be back in touch _____ soon _____ possible.
9. This wine tastes _____ vinegar!
10. I've known Andy for years. He went to the same school _____ I did.


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