Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 212

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1. You ____ be a millionaire to shop in Harrods. Everything is expensive there.
2. If I fail my exam, ____ I ___ take it again?
3. I phoned the plumber because I ____ smell gas in the kitchen.
4. Jane and John saved and saved, and finally they ____ buy the house of their dreams.
5. I phoned yesterday, but I ____ get an answer. Where were you?
6. The neighbors were having a row, and I ____ hear every word they said.
7. ____ you speak French before you moved to Paris?
8. I went for a ten-mile run last Saturday. It nearly killed me! I ____ move on Sunday.
9. ____ you ____ find all the things you wanted at the shops? A) Did / have to B) Did / can
10. The police ____ find the man who had stolen my car. He was sent to prison.


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