Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 206

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1. "Hello. Can I speak to Mr. James, please?"
"I'm sorry. He is ____ on holiday at the moment. Can I help you?"
2. "I feel like going to the cinema tonight."
"Good idea! What's ____ at the moment?"
3. I think this milk's ____. It smells horrid.
4. "It's ____ you. It's your birthday. You choose."
5. Come on, kids! Aren't you ____ yet? Breakfast's on the table.
6. I wonder why they aren't answering the door. There must be someone ____.
7. All the lights are ____. I can see nothing.
8. I must be ____ soon. I want to get to the shops before they close.
9. "Why isn't there any hot water?"
"The central heating is ____. That's why."
10. "You're crying. What's ____ ?"
"I'm just a bit sad. That's all."


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