Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 2

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1. I'm planning to go to a party tonight, but it's raining very hard now. I wish ____.
2. Rust can deteriorate a steel pipe to such an extent that it will snap easily ____ it were a twig.
3. She went to the blackboard as if she knew how to solve the problem. The underlined words mean ____
4. I am sorry I cannot go to the airport to see your mother off. I wish I ____ to work overtime tonight.
5. Being an outgoing person, Andrew ____ his time with friends on Saturday nights than stay at home.
6. "Why don't you ask your sister to come along with us to the movie?"
"I did, but she ____ stay at home."
7. "Tita, are you going to see the dentist this afternoon?"
I wish I didn't have to."
8. "You didn't like the horror film you saw yesterday, did you?"
"You're right. I really wish ____".
9. The past few years in the last decade the rate of crime has been high due to the increase in the rate of unemployment. Today people wish the local government ____ first priority to the solution of this problem.
10. My sister acted as if she were the actress. The sentence means ____


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