Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 198

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1. "You'll have to make up your mind soon."
She told me I ____ make up my mind soon.
2. I didn't recognize him because he ____ a haircut.
3. He always makes me ____.
4. She refused ____ for the meal.
5. I'll never forget ____ him for the first time.
6. "It's a quite flat, and the neighbors are nice."
"Mrs. Deon said it __a quite flat, and the neighbors __ nice."
7. "You look brown. Have you ____ on holiday?"
"Yes, we've ____ got back."
8. I live in a house now, but before I ____ in a flat.
9. "I need $100 deposit."
Then she said she ____ $100 deposit.
10. I ____ the book back to the library after I ____ reading it.


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