Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 188

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1. "Are you going to have a winter holiday this year?"
"I ____. I haven't decided yet."
2. How do you ____ your parents?
3. You shouldn't smoke in here. Put ____.
4. I haven't get time to fill in this form. I'll fill ____ later.
5. I ____ tennis tomorrow. But I'm not sure.
6. If I ____ younger, I ____ to play the piano, but I'm too old now.
7. I'm ____ forward to meeting her very much.
8. She ____ off her horse and hurt her wrist.
9. What a pretty dress! Turn ____ ! Let me look at it from the back.
10. 3Don't worry about the baby. I'll look ____ her while you're out.


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