Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 186

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1. Catherine wants to be a politician. Who knows? One day she ____ Prime Minister!
2. ____ on your warm coat. It's cold today.
3. Could I ____ on these shoes, please? Size nine.
4. Don't forget to ____ off the lights when you come to bed.
5. You look tired. Sit ____ and have a cup of tea.
6. I'm looking for yesterday's newspaper. Did you throw it ____?
7. Turn ____ the music! It's too loud!
8. "What's for supper?"
"We ____ lamb. It's in the oven."
9. "What time are we eating?"
"Don't worry. It ____ ready before your TV program."
10. I'm going to the town tomorrow. I ____ lunch with Joe at 1.00."


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