Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 17

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Fill in the correct form.


  • Mary enjoys ____ to music. (listen)
  • I don’t mind ____ the washing up. (do)


  • Mary enjoys listening to music.
  • I don’t mind doing the washing up.

1. I'm sick of hamburgers every day. (eat)

2. It is important the net for more information. (surf)

3. She advised me a doctor as soon as possible. (see)

4. I don't feel like English today. (study)

5. Isabel got Mike her car (wash)

6. sport every day is good for your health. (do)

7. At last, they decided the apartment. (rent)

8. I pretended asleep. (be)

9. Sheila stopped hello to her friends. (say)

10. It's no use over spilt milk. (cry)


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