Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 165

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1. He and his wife have lived next to me ____ their son, Tom, was born.
2. I have known them ____ many years.
3. Anna has had a bad cold ____ the last few days.
4. I have written a letter ____ breakfast.
5. I'm looking after Tom today. He's been at my house ____ 8.00 this morning.
6. "Why have you got so much food?"
"Because I ____ a meal for two people."
7. "Jane told me you have a place at university."
"That's right. I ____ math at St. Andrews in Scotland."
8. "My car isn't working."
"Ask Joe to look at it. He ____ you."
9. "I passed my driving test!"
"That's great! I ____ some champagne to celebrate!"
10. "Why have you got your old clothes on?"
"Because I ____ the grass.'


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