Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 162

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1. You're reading the book ____ I wanted to read.
2. There's someone at the door ____ wants to speak to George.
3. I don't like food ____ is very spicy.
4. That's the dictionary ____ Bill gave me for my birthday.
5. Those are old cars ____ only take leaded petrol.
6. Do you like the people ____ Sarah invited to her party?
7. I called Tom at 10.00 in the morning, but he was ____ in bed.
8. It's our anniversary today. We've been ____ for fifteen years.
9. Kate is very fussy about food. She ____ eats pasta and crisps.
10. She was very ill and ____ died, but fortunately, she got better.


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