Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 16

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Fill in the correct form.


  • Mary enjoys ____ to music. (listen)
  • I don’t mind ____ the washing up. (do)


  • Mary enjoys listening to music.
  • I don’t mind doing the washing up.

1. Irregular verbs are not easy . (remember)

2. Mathew is really good at . (cook)

3. She waited a movie ticket. (buy)

4. The doctor encouraged his patients healthy food. (eat)

5. My flat is easy . (find)

6. She is interested in a doctor. (become)

7. He is saving money a new car. (buy)

8. When I met her I couldn't help her. (hug)

9. My favorite hobby is . (cook)

10. My father helped me my homework. (do)


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