Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 151

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1. She needs ____ to help her choose a birthday present.
2. Is ____ listening to me!
3. Would ____ please explain what happened?
4. He doesn't care. He will watch ____ on television!
5. If ____ asks, tell them I've got a cold.
6. "____ a drink?"
"Yes, please. I'll have an orange juice."
7. "What ____ at the weekend?"
"I like putting my feet up and relaxing. Sometimes I play tennis."
8. "____ your teacher?"
"Yes, she's very nice."
9. "What ____ to do in the evening?"
"Why don't we pop round and see Pat and Peter?"
10. "____ for walks?"
"What a good idea! It's so hot today!"


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