Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 15

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Fill in the gerund with the correct preposition.


  • She is looking forward ____ his aunt in Chicago. (visit)
  • My wife is keen ____ pop songs. (sing)


  • She is looking forward to visiting his aunt in Chicago. (visit)
  • My wife is keen on singing pop songs. (sing)

1. The money will be devoted the environment. (protect)

2. The au-pair succeeds the children busy for some time. (keep)

3. He blamed me the CD player. (damage)

4. George Clooney is proud in humanitarian projects. (take part)

5. I'm tired the same things over and over again. (repeat)

6. She said she was sorry the vase. (break)

7. She is scared alone at night. (be)

8. I'm very excited tomorrow's game. (attend)

9. Jamie is sick hamburgers all the time. (eat)

10. She ran away behind her. (look)


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