Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 146

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1. But when I ____ up the phone, there was no one there.
2. I ____ hello to the children, but they didn't say anything because they ____ television.
3. What ____ at 8.00 last night?
4. We played tennis ____ two hours.
5. I worked on a farm ____ the holidays.
6. A: Did you meet ____ at the party?
B: Yes, I met ____ who knows you!
7. A: Ouch! There's ____ in my eye!
B: Let me look. No, I can't see ____.
8. A: Let's go ____ hot for our holidays.
B: But we can't go ____; that's too expensive.
9. A: I don't want to talk to ____.
B: And I want to talk to ____ either.
10. I lost my glasses. I looked ____, but I couldn't find them.


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